FREE MASTER CLASS: Get an Easy, Step-by-Step Plan To Represent Yourself, Your Business, and Your Products Online So You Stand-Out,
Get Noticed, and Grow Your Business.
I get it! You have a business you love and want to grow. You're posting, commenting, liking and more but still feel unsure about exactly what to say, post or do to get more people interested in your business. 

Know Exactly What To Do To Gain Authority and Get Noticed!
In This Class, You'll Learn The Step-By-Step Plan To Create An Online Look, Feel, and Message That Helps You Stand Out and Capture the Attention of People Who Would Love What You Offer. You'll Learn How It All Ties Together With A Website, Social Media, List Building, and Sales Funnels.  
How to Create a Choose the Prefect Look and Feel That's Thoughtfully Aligned With Your Purpose, Business, Personality & Is Attractive to Your Ideal Customers. 
The 5 Step Process to Easily Creating a Brand Identity That Has You Stand Out Online and Grow An Audience That's Perfect For Your Business. 
How to Create a Brand Guide You Can Use to Keep Your Social Media, Email Marketing, Websites, and Funnels Aligned With Your Brand...And Looking AMAZING!!!"
PLUS...the best free tools to help you get it done!
I'll Teach You How To Shine Online
Think of me as your money-making personal trainer, who gets your online marketing muscles pumping and looking jacked.
My name is Shannon Lavenia and I started my online business at the same place you did: 

excited, confused, and overwhelmed...

I was a high school teacher looking for a better life, so I started a home business and ventured online. After some struggle, I got my groove and grew a wildly successful business that earned me $1.2 million in just 16 months. Since then, I've done over $15 million in sales, spoken on stages around the globe and built a following of fans who are winning with my training. 

I look forward to showing you how to BOOM your results online and reach your income goals faster than you ever thought possible. Thanks for counting on me!

You can learn more about me on my website! I'll share the link on the Thank You page after you register so you can grab lots of freebie trainings to help you BOOM!!
A Few Words...

$15,000 in new business...

In the few short weeks I've been working with Shannon, I was able to bring in 2 new clients worth $15,000+ in business. I'm impressed with how effective her business strategy is and am looking forward to this being my best year yet. 

-Jennifer Ashby,

I've got a working funnel...

Before her course I knew next to nothing about internet marketing and now I have a website set up, an auto responder and have my funnel. Her training is broken down into bite size pieces that are easy to consume and then implement, plus you can go back for reference when needed. She has a great teaching style and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to BOOM their business!

-Brandy Barajas, Health & Fitness Coach
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