Get Access to the Step-By-Step Action Plans, Training, and Coaching to Take Your Business From Struggling Start-Up to Booming Online Success in Record Setting Time...Websites, Social Media, and All! 
Hey, Does This Sound All Too Familiar??
  • You're tired of following "solutions" and courses that aren't bringing money into your bank account? 
  • You feel like you know a lot but still something is need a plan to put it all to work. 
  • You're kind of confused about what business to start or how to ramp up your current business, without going crazy in debt. You'd be stoked to have a business that funds your business...
  • You'd love to have a killer personal brand people love to follow and a website that makes you look like you've already made millions!
  • You'd be super excited if social media was rocking your business, growing your list, and even bringing in sales...instead of wasting your time and driving you nuts. 
  • You feel a bit stupid (yep, I said it...I've been there), and even a little embarrassed, that your business hasn't taken off yet. You know you're smart and know you have everything it takes to be a business rockstar. 
  • You'd be over the moon if someone just gave you a step-by-step checklist of WHAT to do and HOW to do it, so you could get it done and see real money coming in from your efforst. 
I've got you! I've been where you are and turned it around into a million-dollar plus business I rock from my home office (and the beaches of the world...). Read on to learn how you can have everything you want and more.
I Hear Ya! I Know You Want To Stop Wasting Time, Energy and Money and Start Being the Rockstar You Know You Can Be. 
Here's a Little Heart to Heart...
You Have What It Takes. There's No Question About It. NEVER DOUBT IT AGAIN!

I'm not unique...what I've done, you can do. You just need a plan, some "this works" direction, and a proven step-by-step plan that will move you past confusion and frustration, into fast, rapid business growth so you can enjoy the financial rewards your effort should be producing. 
I Created the Booming Business Academy To Give You EVERYTHING You Need to Turn Your Sh*t Around FAST. 
I'm Shannon Lavenia, the "Boom Your Business" Coach & Strategist and a bad-ass business chic who’s made millions online...

but at one time, I was crying on my bathroom floor wondering what the HELL was wrong with me.

I felt stupid, embarrassed, and a bit like a loser. It actually hurts to write these words and admit it. It sucked. I wasn't lazy...I was working my ass off. 

I’d taken every course, listened to all the podcasts and owned every web marketing tool money could buy. But I STILL wasn’t making a dime.

Every time I saw someone succeed and get the results I wanted, I bought the next course and went for the thing they were doing, with zero results. I was even a bit envious of them (yes, I admit it!)

I had a brain full of info but no idea how to make it all work together. So I humbly went back to the drawing board and put my former teacher brain to work.

I applied my "plan the year" training from teaching to my business and got a clear road-map of where I was going and what it would take. I set my eye on projects that would put me on the fast track to earning more and working less. 

My business transformed into a rapidly booming, revenue generating machine. It became fun and profitable to be an entrepreneur. 

Within 30 days, I ramped my income up to over $20K per month...that was pretty much what I was earning as a Biology teacher, so I promptly quit my job. FREEDOM BABY!!! NOW I HAD IT!

I continued to use my Booming Business Profit Blueprint to scale my business and in my first 16 months in business, I earned $1.2 million in revenue. That's when the phone started to ring off the hook with people wanted to know what I knew. BOOM! I launched my training business and so far have helped thousands of entrepreneurs realize their business aspirations! 

It's Changed My Business Forever...

I have worked in a machine shop for the past 15 years and had no background knowledge in internet marketing. 

Since working with Shannon in her right to the facts, no fluff style training course,s my marketing skills have been booming!  I am a follower for life!!

-Timothy Kubik, Plexus Worldwide Ambassador

Her Training Transformed My Business...

Shannon's technical knowledge about marketing combined with her passion and compassion for people is a rare combination. Her teaching style is enjoyable because she spices up her knowledge with real life examples and fun stories. What I’ve learned from her transformed my business.

-Mariann Tilton, Make It A Fun Life, Inc

What Could Your Life Look Like If Your Business Was Bringing In Boatloads of Income...Enough to Fund Your Freedom and Fulfill Your Dreams?
It would be pretty freakin' awesome, right? 

You can create anything you want with an online business. I'm living proof! There's no "logical" explanation for why I earn 5X most professors, doctors, lawyers, and executives. I don't have a fancy business degree and I'm not a "braniac". My office looks like a tornado hit it on most days and I only work a few hours a day. 

I've got a pretty awesome gig. 

What catapulted my results and has kept me on the fast track is the Booming Business Profit Blueprint, learning exactly what you need (and nothing you don't) and putting the automated machine together to bring you the cash-flow to fund your lifestyle. 

Let's Make It Happen Now! My Results Getting Teaching Model is based on the Booming Business Profit Blueprint...and being a college trained educator! 
Not everyone can teach. True, right??

I was trained as a teacher and that's why my courses are so successful for my students...I know how to make really complex things like Instagram and Facebook Ads easy to do. 

I've spoken on stages all over the world, teaching entrepreneurs how to MASTER ANY SKILLS in 5 EASY STEPS and HOW TO CREATE MASSIVE GROWTH IN RECORD SETTING TIME. 

And, I base ALL of my training on exactly what I did to scale my business to mega-results FAST. 

With the Booming Business Profit Bluepring, we're aligning your GOALS, PURPOSES, and BIG PICTURE (you know... how you really want you life to be!) with RESULTS GETTING marketing training, sales & conversions training, and business growth strategy so you can move your business into Phase II - where you have a team of people passionately building your business for you. 

Cool, right? 
Stop spinning your wheels and finally get your business on the fast track to awesome-ness! 
Take a Full Tour of the Academy...
It's 12 Courses In One, Easy-To-Follow, Online Classroom. 
Coaching + Course = Full Success
Get Started Today and In 90 Days or Less You WILL HAVE All the Following Rocking Your Business:
  • Your Booming Business Profit BluePrint - A Streamlined Business Plan
  • A Rocking Personal Branding Guide - Define Who You Are and Represent Yourself In a Way That Has You Stand-Out and Impress. 
  • A Branded Personal Website That's Super Pro Looking - Nothing says "I'm a Pro" like a website that shines, defines, and aligns with your message. 
  • Magnetizing Freebies - Have Freebies People LOVE to Share and Can't Wait to Opt-In For
  • Millionaire Money Mojo - Think Like a Millionaire and Dump the Fear, Doubt, and Worry. 
  • A Booming Business Mastermind - of action taking, goal making entrepreneurs standing aside you cheering you on. 
  • Social Media Advertising - that's converting like crazy!
  • A Booming Email List - People joining everyday, excited about your offers, and Ready to Buy.
  • A List - Building Funnel - Ready to promote, growing your list, bringing you new leads everyday. 
  • Automated Social Media Strategy - growing your influence & your list. Have your Social Media working for you instead of wasting your time and energy.  
  • Social Media Profiles & Pages - That are Super Professional and Growing Influence online fast. 
  • A Logo That Represents - Shine Online With Your Personal Brand
  • Automated Email Marketing - That was converting and bringing you sales.
  • Marketing Funnels That Convert - You know how to create new funnels on the fly, without any techy know-how, and they are working. 
In Addition to the Training Provided By Me, You'll Get Access to An Alliance of Expert Trainers Ready to Deliver the Goods On Everything From Instagram to Wordpress...
That's Just a Taste of What You'll Be Gaining From the Academy...Here's a Module By Module Breakdown of Your Online Classroom!
Get 100% CLEAR on Who You Are, What You Want, and Why You're Doing It. 
“Bland and boring equals broke”. In this module you’ll define your unique self, your product and message. Stop comparing and claim your spot in the market place with unshakeable self-confidence. I’ll help you spice it up and serve it to world – hot.
  • How to Manifest Your Ideal Life
  • Defining Your Passionate Purpose: The PUSH of Your Business
  • Conscious Clarity: The Who, What, How, Where, and Why of Your Business. 
  • Goal Setting - The PULL of Your Business
  • Identify Your Strengths - How to Tune In to Your Uniqueness
Strategizing made easy – Setting yourself up for the big bucks
In this module, I'll walk you through creating a powerful BUSINESS PLAN that sets you on a CLEAR PATH for success. No more wasting time, sitting in confusion, "cleaning your desk"....just fast-paced, money-making action. 
  • Streamline Success Planning Step-by-Step
  • Project Planning and the Booming Business Project Planner
  • Profit Planning - How to Reach Goals By the Numbers
  • The Booming Business Profit BluePrint Step-by-Step
Stop competing – Start magnetizing 
With the clarity you’ve found in module one, you’ll now put a plan in place to strategically magnetize your peeps with your unique message: you’ll define your core marketing message using my Three Word Method. Next time someone asks you “What do you do?”, the words will fly off your tongue with clarity and confidence. 

With Master Classes hosted by my personal copywriters, you'll learn how to craft website and email copy that engages, excites, compels and converts. 
  • Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • The 3 Word Business Clarity and Branding Exercise
  • Who You Are and What You Do Defined
  • Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Brand Identity: The Purpose and Values of Your Business Defined. 
  • Brand Communication: Creating Your Brand Assets and Brand Board
  • Brand Strategy
Dump your crappy website and turn it into a website that attracts customers and businesses. 
Your website matters. I get calls from mega-corporations and industry leaders, like John C. Maxwell's team (yes...that selling author and #1 leadership trainer), for help on their promotion because my website KICKS ASS! 

Even if you're a techy newbie, you'll have a killer website up and running in super fast. I'll show you how to set it up super easy, how to get professional graphics for a few bucks, and how to craft your content so it invites and excites. It's content, content and more content here!

No would cost you upwards of $7K to get a website like the one I'll be showing you to create. You could even start charging folks to make websites after this one module! 

Oh...we'll also be showing you how to create funnels that convert. You'll learn how to create a lead generation funnel, a webinar funnel, and a sales funnel. BOOYAH!

And BLOGGING. Yep, we're conquering that one here too. Wait a second...this is literally like 4 courses in one just in this module. 
  • Creating Your Home-Base Hub Website
  • Your About Me Page
  • Value Rich Content and Opt-In Placement
  • Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions
  • Creating a Blog and a 90 Day Content Plan
  • Funnel Fast Track: Lessons on How to Craft Every Type of Funnel. 
  • The Freebie Formula - Crafting a Free Offer That is Compelling
  • Ebooks
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • How to Creat a Pay-To-Attend Master Class (PRO Members)
  • Crafting Your Online Master Plan & Promotion Map (PRO)
Get The Right Eyes on Your Offers
You’ve heard it before: “content is king”. But distribution is queen and she wears the pants. In Module 4, you learned how to become a content out-flowing machine, drawing in your ideal customers with valuable “want it now” content that converts.

In this module, I’ll show you how to get that content in front of thousands of eye-balls who want to read, share and get more of what you have to offer.

This isn’t about getting more hearts, followers or fans. It’s about how to engage your audience in a way that they want to buy from you.

Once you know which promotion strategies align best with your business and your target market, you can pick from the extensive menu of lessons on everything from Twitter ads to LinkedIn, all provided by the BBA Alliance Experts. 
  • Promotion Planning & Tools for Content Delivery
  • Promoting Blog Posts for Viral Distribution
  • Social Media Strategy and Automation
  • Facebook Pages & Groups
  • Facebook Ads Master Class
  • Instagram Master Class
  • Pinterest Master Class
  • Linked In Strategy (PRO ONLY)
  • Google Adwords (PRO ONLY)
  • Graphics and Imagery
Amplify YOU – Boost your credibility 
People buy from those they know, like. and trust...and video is the fast track to establishing this level of intimacy. It can BOOM your business fast, if you know how to do it right. In this module, you’ll get over any inhibitions you have about video or livestreaming and learn insider tips & tricks that’ll move your video performance from amateur to awesome.
  • Video Marketing 101
  • Equipment, Lighting, Sound and Pro Video
  • Audio & Video Editing Made Easy
  • Live Streaming
  • YouTube Videos and Optimization
  • Periscope
  • SnapChat
  • Blab Talk Shows
Own your numbers – Take control of your biz 
If you've avoided tracking...I get it. Let's just say I wasn't an A+ student in math. Most courses make you feel like you need a Ph.D. to know what's working or what's not. In this module, I'll take you through the simple and easy method of analytics that gives you rapid insight into your business so you can scale up what's working and trash what's not. The end result? Saving money on advertising, making more money on sales.
  • The Basics of Business Finance and Budgeting
  • Booming Business Budget Planner
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
  • The Numbers of Online Marketing - Understanding What and How to Track
  • Funding Your Business: Options
  • Tax Planning (US)
Learn To Sell Like a Pro, Without the Sleaze. 
 When you think about selling, do you break out into a cold sweat? Would you rather just give your stuff away for free? Trust me...that won't help you or your clients. This module will epically shift your "sales is sleazy" mindset as you begin to be empowered by creating valued exchange with your clients. We'll talk pricing, developing a premium brand and how to ramp up your revenue. After going through this module, you’ll feel great getting paid what you're products/services are really worth. You'll be experiencing the flow of empowered exchange. 
  • The 5 Step Plan to an Empowered Millionaire Mindset
  • Principles of Exchange
  • The Art of Sleaze-Free Selling
  • Handling  Your Money Madness - Plugging the holes in a leaky money ship. 
  • Pricing Your Products Right. 
  • Developing a Premium Brand and Product Strategy (PRO ONLY)
  • Ramping Up Your Revenue
Get your boss pants on – Hire & outsource like a pro 
Does the thought of outsourcing scare the sh*t out of you? Wondering how to find golden team members you can trust with your reputation? In this module, I’ll show you my recipe for building a team that basically runs itself. You’ll be a jack-of-all-trades no longer and use your time to set up the systems that allow you to earn more while working less. 
  • How to Prepare to Outsource and Hire: Hatting & Process Planning
  • The Hiring Academy Mini-Course with David Lee Jensen
  • Writing Powerful Job Descriptions (and copies of mine!)
  • Developing Your Organization Map (PRO ONLY)
  • Managing Your Team (PRO ONLY)
  • Rewards and Penalties: How to Empower Your Team (PRO ONLY)
  • Legal Advice for Business Owners
  • Creating an Affiliate Program that Rocks and How to Set It Up

I'm Grateful To Be Part Of Her Tribe...

Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe #BizBoomersAcademy. I'm grateful to be part of it!

- Jennifer Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist

I'm Always Watching What She's Doing...

Shannon Lavenia is one of the most talented marketers and teachers I know. I've know this woman for over a decade and she's made a positive impact on tens of thousands of entrepreneur's lives, including mine.

When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I would listen to Shannon's trainings over and over. Her advice helped me jumpstart my business and grow my online presence. I'm always watching what she's doing because it works!

- Karla Silver, Online Marketer & Business Coach

Exponentially Better Results...

My first experience with Shannon's training was at a conference and she blew me away. Her training was practical and on point and helped me get exponentially better results in my business. I highly recommend her training! 

-Andy Grant, Blue Navigators

She Gave Me The Kick In the Pants I Needed...

I host a local, health-related radio show in my small town, but I wanted to expand my influence. I planned to turn it into a podcast for YEARS, and could never get the motivation or information to make it happen. Shannon gave me the kick in the butt and the simple step by step instructions, and now I have a thriving podcast that anyone in the world can tune in to. Thanks Shannon for all you do to help!

- Dr. Scott Phillips, Lifestyle Chiropratic
Want to See How It's Really Done?
Creating a launch is NOT as easy as people make it seem. There's sales pages, order pages, content, content, content, and more content. I'll show you how I coordinate my team to get it done fast and awesomely converting. Plus, I'll show you how the numbers work so you understand how to get to your goals fast.

Webinars are an amazing way to grow an audience, boost your list, and sell your products. I'll show you the exact webinar strategy I use to keep consistent cash-flow and deliver awesome content.
I own three companies, home-school my daughter, volunteer for charities, coach soccer, and still have time for date-night. Want to know how I get it all done without losing my mind? I'll share my "Get It All Done" Time Creating Planning System with you so you can rock your business results and have the life you want too.

Get Results With Your Business

Shannon cuts through all the BS out there regarding online marketing and gives you exactly what you need to know to get results with your business. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to grow their online presence and successfully grow their business.

- Laura Sales, Founder of

My online marketing is BOOMING!

Before her course I knew next to nothing about internet marketing and now I have a website set up, an auto responder and have my funnel. Her training is broken down into bite size pieces that are easy to consume and then implement, plus you can go back for reference when needed. She has a great teaching style and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to BOOM their business!

- Brandy Barajas, Health & Fitness Coach
Start Getting Business Rocking Results Now!
(See what my students are saying...)
Ask Yourself...What Would It Be Worth To Your Sanity, Business, Life and Family, If...
  • In just 8 weeks from now, your business was knew exactly what to do and how to do it to BOOM YOUR BUSINESS. Your time and effort was well spent and you're seeing amazing results!
  • You finally had a clear path to your success. Gone was all the confusion, doubt, and frustration - replaced by decisive actions and results. You have the right tools and systems in place that are giving you the automation you've been yearning for. 
  • You had every resource (and I mean EVERY resource) in one, easy to follow online classroom.'s all part of your Booming Business Profit Blueprint. It all makes sense and you no longer have to try and figure out the puzzle of how this works with've got it. 
  • You had a Gorgeous, Uniquely Branded Online Presence that you were proud of. All the techy stuff is explained in super easy, step-by-step "Follow Along" tutorials so you easily create your website and opt-in funnels with ease. 
  • You're lead generation was ON FIRE (like 4-alarm raging). Your promotion is now 100% automated. You've put the perfect promotion formula in place and your list is growing fastBest part, you've freed up hours a week!
  • You've wrapped your mind around online funnels and have funnels working for you 24-7. You've mastered the easy DIY funnel creation strategies and can create funnels on the fly for any freebie offer, webinar, product....and they are bringing in leads and sales!
  • You finally know how to scale your business and aren't wearing 50 hats. You've smartly outsourced the tasks others can do better and the ones you hate. Now your time is free to create, travel, have fun, and enjoy your family. Your team is aligned with your goals and your business is cranking. 
  • Your business was 100% ready to take floods of orders when the "HOT" buying season rolls around. Why rock this course over the summer? Because you're business needs to be 100% ready to take orders when people are most likely to buy: September - January. These months are when most businesses get out of the red and into the black. Summer is the perfect time to get it all rocking, so you're ready when the buying season is here. 
It's Time To Choose Your Path to BOOMING Results...

Remember the last time you went shopping for jeans? You tried on at least 50 pair until you found the perfect fit, right? The ones that made your butt look dreamy. You and I both know that one size doesn’t fit all.

That’s why you get to choose your own "size" of Booming Business Academy, based on your goals, drive and speed you like to travel.

As a Booming Business Academy member, you’ll have access to all 9 modules, Bonus Modules, and new modules added weekly.

You'll rock the Booming Business Profit Blueprint and set your Business GPS to destination "Successville".

Imagine knowing exactly what to do next to scale your business? You'll be confident and taking the right actions.  

Confidence is sexy

Knowing your sh*t will get you noticed by the big players and help you make powerful connections fast.

Besides running your biz like a pro, you’ll build a profitable network in record time. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Instant Access to the Online Classroom
  • Booming Business Profit Blueprint- Plan for Success
  • Booming Business Daily Planner
  • Access to Fresh Content Modules Weekly
  • Membership in the Exclusive Booming Business Facebook Group
  • 3 Exciting Bonuses
  • 50% Annual Renewal Discount
  • Ongoing E-mail Support


PRO is more than a membership level, it's a Mindset. As a PRO Member, you're setting your expectations higher and establishing yourself as a TOP PLAYER. 

Enroll as a PRO now and you'll get the highest level of support and additional trainer for every need.  You'll get everything in the base membership plus access to 24/7 email support. You'll be invited to the private weekly webinar trainings hosted by our Booming Business Academy experts.

Imagine, getting direct, live access to a continual stream of business experts from legal expertise to closing pros.

Ask questions to get answers for your unique business. This level offers the support and community you need to rock it. If you’re ready for the rubber to meet the road, then hit the "I'm Going Pro" button below and join a community of go-getters results others will envy!

PLUS! You get access to my other two courses as Bonuses: The Booming Business Funnel Program ($497 Value) and Periscope Mastery ($197 Value).
  • Instant Access to the Online Classroom 
  • Booming Business Profit Blueprint- Plan for Success
  • Booming Business Daily Planner
  • Live, Interactive Participation in The Weekly Content Module Creation Webinars with Alliance Experts. 
  • Membership in the Exclusive Booming Business Facebook Group
  • 3 Exciting Bonus Modules
  • Access to the Booming Business Funnel and Periscope Mastery Courses
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Ongoing E-mail Support
PRO Bonus Courses
$497 Value
$197 Value


Join NOw
Annually or Payment Plan
  • Instant Access to The Academy Classroom
  • All 9 Modules With Video Lessons, Video Download & Action Guides
  • The Booming Business Profit BluePrint
  • The Booming Business Project Planner
  • The Booming Business Daily Action Planner
  • All 3 Bonuses
  • 1 Year Membership & 50% Discounted Annual Renewal
  • Members Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Email Support
  • $1000 for One Year or 7 Payments of $150.00
Join NOw
Pro Member
Annually or Payment Plan
  • Instant Access to The Academy Classroom
  • All 9 Modules With Video Lessons, Video Download & Action Guides
  • The Booming Business Profit BluePrint
  • The Booming Business Project Planner
  • The Booming Business Daily Action Planner
  • All 3 Bonuses
  • Lifetime Membership with No Annual Renewal
  • Members Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Email  & Phone Support
  • BONUS: Access to the Booming Business Funnel & Periscope Mastery Courses
  • Live Attendance on Newly Recorded Lessons with Expert Trainers
  • 4 "Hot Seat" Live Coaching Calls
  • $2000 for One Year or 7 Payments of $300

$15,000 In New Income...I'm WOW'd

In the few short weeks I've been working with Shannon, I brought in two huge new clients with $15,000 in new business income. I'm impressed. I've referred her to all of my clients because her coaching works. There's no "fluff"...she just helped me bring in new business and grow my business fast. 

If you have the chance to work with her, take it. Your business will thank you for it. 

-Jennifer Ashby, Founder of
My Full "You'll Love It" Promise & Guarantee.
The purpose of the Booming Business Academy is to give you the tools, training, and mentorship you need to soar in  your business. Each month, we'll be giving you more of what's best for your business. Contact us at anytime if you need support or are having any challenges with the program. We're glad to help!  If you want to cancel anytime within your first 30 days, we'll cancel your agreement and refund your order. After 30 days your agreement is binding and you'll have access the system for an entire year. If you're a PRO  member, you'll receive lifetime access.
FAQ's: These are real questions we've received and real answers we're giving you. If you have a question, click the chat button below and we'll get you answers fast. 
I want to get results NOW! How can this help me? 
Great question. The Booming Business Profit Blueprint will direct your immediate profit producing actions. With your BBA membership, you'll avoid the distractions, be cured of "shiny object" syndrome, and focus only the actions that bring in income. 

If you want to go REALLY FAST, become a Streamline Success VIP member. 
What if I can't make the live coaching calls or webinars? 
These will be scheduled at various times to accommodate time zones. If you can't make one live, you'll have instant access to the replay with the opportunity to ask questions via e-mail. You'll still get all the great training and support!

What's the difference between Lite and Pro? 
Pro members receive additional bonuses, priority support, lifetime access to the classroom and get exclusive access to the LIVE weekly training with Booming Business Academy Alliance Experts. PRO members can ask questions and get advice relevant to their unique business model while on the training, getting help that's pertinent to their business.

I heard Instragram is really great for business. What do you think?  
Maybe. It depends on your business, the products you offer, and your ideal customer. With the Booming Business Profit Blueprint, you will identify the people most likely to want, buy, and benefit from your products. Next, you'll align your "where to market" strategy to where those people are most likely going to be looking for what you offer. Instagram may be the answer, or it may be LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook Ads. Get it? That's why we provide training on all of them so you can learn what you need most. 

I'm brand new to online marketing. Is BBA right for me? 
Absolutely! This is the BEST course for you. You'll first learn the fundamentals of marketing in a free bonus called Marketing Basics to Pro. That will give you the foundational understanding of branding, marketing, and sales to build upon. 

Will you show us how to create a sales funnel and membership site? 
Yes! If you want to create a membership course like this one, you'll see exactly how we do it. We have every step listed out in a process you can follow to build your own online enterprise. 

What kind of support should I expect? 
We want you to succeed. Our support is always available to help you. We get back to members within 24 hours. We do not provide technical support for outside systems but will direct you to the resources you need, saving you a ton of time and resources. 

I have purchased a lot of different course and haven't finished them. I'm scared I'll do the same with this one. Any advice?  
I get it. I've been there. The biggest advantage to this course is it is taught by a trained educator who's also a super successful business owner and marketer. The content is chunked down into lessons you can learn and apply. Plus, there's support to help you rock your way through it and get real results.

I'm just starting my business. Is BBA right for me? 
Yes! If you want to jump out of the gates at full speed, become a Streamline Success VIP member. You'll get everything you need up and running quickly. Plus, you'll learn exactly what mistakes to avoid to keep your business growing and profitable. 
What types of business is this course great for? 
Pretty much everything. We have helped businesses from chiropractic offices, engineering companies, coaches, real estate agents, designers, and network marketers. The fundamentals of business and marketing are the same for every type of you craft and who your target market is will be unique. The Action Guides are designed to have you concentrating on YOUR business. You'll be able to apply each lesson to your business. 
What's the difference between Lite and Pro? 
Pro members receive additional bonuses, priority support, lifetime access to the classroom and get exclusive access to the LIVE weekly training with Booming Business Academy Alliance Experts. PRO members can ask questions and get advice relevant to their unique business model while on the training, getting help that's pertinent to their business.

I such with techy stuff (and hate it!). Will this program help me with that? 
I get it! I was terrible with techy stuff too when I first started online. This is the PERFECT course for you. I break down anything techy into tiny "bite-size" chunks you can easily do and master quickly. You'll see how to do everything step by step PLUS have checklists that take you through everything. 

I'm in an MLM. Can this course help me?
Yes! I have A LOT of experience in network marketing. Personally, I've earned several millions in network marketing using online funnels. I'll show you exactly how to focus your efforts and marketing so you stand out from other marketers and how to create your unique brand and message to attract great prospects and customers to your organization. You'll learn how to grow a team and sell a ton of product. 
I'm worried I won't have the time over the summer to go through the course. 
I get, camp, vacations, etc. This is just the right time to go through the course because coming out of Summer distractions is the hottest buying season of the year. Now is the time to get you business ready to create massive momentum and cash-flow. If you wait until September to get your business rocking, you'll be crushed by the competition and can lose a lot of business. 
Want Help Deciding Which Booming Business Level is Right For You? 
Contact Us and We'll Help You Decide. 
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